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Slava Fedosenko.

27 y/o, freelance Webflow developer & designer.

Webflow experience: 7 years.

Kutaisi, Georgia.

Work Experience

Dec 2016
Mar 2017


Started creating websites for testing my business ideas. Worked on WIX, PlatformaLP and Tilda.

Apr 2017
Oct 2017

Freelancing for local clients

Discovered Webflow. Loved it. Started building Webflow websites for local clients. Gained good knowledge of HTML/CSS and how real websites actually work.

Nov 2017
Jun 2018

Webflow freelancer on Upwork

Started freelancing for clients all over the world. Gained core JavaScript knowledge. Proved myself as a reliable worker with strong skills. Started my first educational project about animations on web: Webflow Samples

Here's what my clients told about me:
"Its rare to find this level of talent, accountability and professionalism in a single freelancer."
James Edwards, Qwantegy, Inc.
Slava is an exceptional talent. He's one of the best Webflow designers there is and constantly looking for ways to push himself creatively. Highly recommend!
Jonathan Jeffery, Nordimark
"I had a very good experience working with Slava. Quality was very high with all classes and web elements clearly organized in Webflow. He did his best to accommodate our timeline in his busy schedule and delivered on time. Really satisfied with his work."
David Padilla, OrgOS
Jul 2018
Feb 2020 | Webflow developer

Worked as a developer and interaction designer at web-agency, which is a proud official partner of Webflow. In that period I dived into advanced CSS and JS, motion, web-accessibility and performance. Created my second educational project Webflow Samples 2

Feb 2020
Jul 2021 | Webflow developer & designer

Development of site on Webflow. Developed a brand new scalable CSS design system and rebuilt 90% of the site (>60 unique pages, some of them several times) from scratch.

Aug 2021
Aug 2022 | Manager of the web & design team

Managed a team of 3 people: Web UX/UI designer, Motion graphics designer, Webflow developer. We had been building and maintaining the site and supporting the Mapbox marketing on the design side. I'd been setting long-term goals for the team and growing talents of each of my team members.

What my colleagues told about me:
"Every once in a while, we meet young talented people that we wish we could have ten more of them. Slava is on that list.

While Slava has all of the skills that you want in a web design team leader, he brings the vital soft skills that successful teams need. Slava is driven, empathetic, caring, intentional, takes initiative, has great instincts and I could go on.

If you are considering hiring Slava as a freelancer or a full-time employee, feel free to message me to learn more about my experience working with him."
Mike Banic, VP of Marketing, Mapbox.
"Slava is a fantastic designer, a skillful manager, and a very generous and kind colleague. I greatly enjoyed working with Slava at Mapbox, both on individual webpage design projects and as a manager focused on the well-being of his colleagues and the whole company. I think Slava deserves much of the credit for the transformation of Mapbox's website into the beautiful, modern site it is today - and I know he will continue to build excellent projects wherever he goes."
Marena (Brinkhurst) Smith, Community team, Mapbox.
"Fantastic web design manager. In fact, when he decided to go freelance (because someone THAT talented, THAT creative, THAT skilled cannot be held down with corporate bureaucracy), I begged him to stay. It is rare to find a web design manager that combines design sense AND operational discipline as beautifully as Slava does. And his team loved working for him, so there's also that."
Liesl Leary-Perez, Head Of Corporate Marketing, Mapbox.
Sep 2022
Today | Freelance. Webflow Websites & Design solutions for enterprise

Creating Webflow websites that make life easier for big companies and medium-size businesses. Performing a wide spectrum of websites-related services:

  • Brand design.
  • UX/UI & Web design.
  • Web interactions and animations design.
  • Webflow development.
  • Web performance optimisation.
  • Documentation writing.

Building self-sustaining, flexible and scalable web systems, which live years after few weeks of development.

What my clients are saying about me:
"Slava helped us redesign and relaunch our website. Slava put his all into working with us on a design concept, creatively explored options based on our brand, and then implemented fast and effectively. Slava is highly iterative and collaborative, and wisely knows how to both bring his experience to the table as well as meet his clients where they are. Slava's communication is excellent -- making sure we had a clear picture on how things were progressing, and explicitly asking for input when he had dependencies on our decisions. He made sure we were empowered to take what he built and use what he developed as a living, growing site."
Mikel Maron, Product, Earth Genome.
"Our project faced several challenges such as an outdated design, a confusing user experience, inconsistent user flow and accessibility. Slava helped us among others with building a foundation for an intuitive user flow, created wireframes and proposing layout solutions for user interface design implementation. Slava is highly responsive to messages, promptly addressing issues by not only resolving them but also providing explanations for his choices and the reasons behind certain issues. Even after the project’s completion, he remained available to assist with any lingering questions we had."
Emilie Diephuis, Project Manager, Cartoonbase.


School: 12 grades, University: 4 courses (quit!). In university I studied "International relationships". It wasn't for me. As soon as I got it, I started trying different things until I came to the web.

I completely self-taught. Internet is a perfect place to learn something new, and this is what I always do.

During 2020-2022 I spent 2.5 years working at a global IT company - Mapbox, with over 600 employees all over the world. 1 year of this period I worked as a Web Design team manager. That was an intensive learning environment and my knowledge curve never was so steep before!

Additional info

Desire to web

I am passionate about web. I love creating sites that are easy and fun to consume, work fast and smooth, and make people inspired at the same time. As a freelancer, my goal is to empower my clients with all the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to manage their presence in web without my further assistance, or assistance of other web developers, which allows to significantly cut down expenses on a long run.

Hobbies and interests

  • VR. Playing Beat Saber as a pro.
  • Music. Drums, vocal.
  • Science. Strong interest in popular astrophysics, neurophysiology and biology.
  • Traveling. I love to travel and gain new experiences, or simply hiking.


  • Russian (native)
  • English (upper-intermediate)
  • Georgian (beginner)

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